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Meet The Grovers

Medical Team


  • Bobby Cawthron, DVM photo

    Bobby Cawthron, DVM

    Lead Veterinarian

    Novice guitar player, avid animal lover, enjoys books and spicy foods, attended a “princess tea party” hosted by his daughter.

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Texas A & M University
    Bachelor’s of Veterinary Science: Texas A & M University (Magna Cum Laude)

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  • Julia Donnelly, DVM photo

    Julia Donnelly, DVM

    Lead Associate Veterinarian

    Avid animal lover and conservationist, published author, professional drummer in a swing band, lover of yoga, grew up riding horses in the desert, started college at 15 years old.

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Colorado State University
    Master’s of Biomedical Sciences: Colorado State University
    Certified Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians: CVMA

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  • Nicky Spooner, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: University of Minnesota, 2015

    Master’s Degree, Zoology: North Carolina State University, 2011

    Bachelor’s Degree, Biology: Cornell University, 2007

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  • Lisa Kaminski, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian

    Aspiring specialist in ultrasonography, seasoned world traveler, enjoys shopping and a good movie with family, has played an extra in several major movies.

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Colorado State University
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Leadership Team

  • Jaime

    Director of Operations

    Champion snow ski racer, wine connoisseur, horse enthusiast, wild for football movies and good Mexican food, is a closet Barry Manilow fan.

  • Ashley

    Head Veterinary Nurse

    Photo and bio coming soon!

  • Brittani

    The Cabins Manager

    Proud Army Veteran, aspiring dog trainer and world traveler, avid outdoors-man, would eat nothing but sushi for the rest of her life if she could.

Veterinary Nursing Team

  • Michaela

    Veterinary Nurse

    Novice painter, aspiring rock climber, incessant student, former humpback whale research assistant, her life’s goal is to work with an many animals as possible.

  • Abby photo


    Veterinary Nurse

    Aspiring large animal vet, shoe collector extraordinaire, experienced cattle exhibitor, lover of all things winter from hoodies to hot chocolate.

  • Megan

    Veterinary Nurse

    Aspiring veterinarian, international rugby athlete and competitive sailor, crazy for ice cream and football, enjoys quiet days at home with her dog Avery.

  • Katie photo


    Veterinary Nurse

    Aspiring veterinarian, novice banjo player, crazy for Mexican food and dark chocolate, experienced shark rescuer, loves to snowboard but is really bad at it.

  • Sarah

    Veterinary Nurse, CVT

    Zumba maniac, devoted animal advocate, experienced world-traveler, proud teacher for the Front Range veterinary technician program, loves her family more than anything.

  • Kaitlyn

    photo and bio coming soon!

Client Support Team

  • Brittany

    Client Care Coordinator

    Crazy for fall and football, aspires to ‘eat her way’ across Europe, admires her mom more than anyone in the world, married her high school sweetheart.

  • Shannon

    Client Care Coordinator

    Aspiring nurse, football fanatic (go Broncos!), hopes to one day live in another country, considers laying in a hammock and reading her favorite hobby.

  • Taylor

    Client Services Representative

    Photo and bio coming soon!

  • Miranda

    Client Services Representative

    Photo and bio coming soon!

The Cabins- Kennel Team

  • Jennae photo


    The Cabins-Kennel Assistant

    Devoted animal lover and rescuer, DIY champ, novice home brewer, loves all things rainbow, hopes to someday learn Sign Language.

  • Megan

    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Aspiring large-animal veterinarian, professional working-dog trainer, spends her spare time hiking and site seeing, is crazy for a good BBQ and good baseball.

  • Kallie

    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Professional animal enthusiast experienced with camels, zebras, and llamas; aspiring animal behaviorist; crazy for a good book; her favorite hobby is teaching her rats new tricks and taking her dog for walks.

  • Alexis

    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Die-hard hockey fan (go Blackhawks!), skilled soccer player, video game junkie, proudly proclaims ‘as long as I’m working with animals I’m in the right career.’

  • Ariana

    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Arizona native, horse whisperer, accomplished barrel racer, has trained a wild Mustang, admires her mom more than anyone in the world.

  • Rachel

    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Aspiring Zoologist, lover of all things summer, holds a particularly interested in animal conservation and rehabilitation, crazy for a good mystery.


Facilities Maintenance

  • Dustin

    Custodial Services

    Die-hard Yankees fan, enjoys a good burger and good game, makes time to read magazines and newspapers, there is no one in the world he admires more than his Grandma Mona.